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    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1

    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 is an avenue for upcoming artists to have an international stage to present their gifts/talents to the world while at the same time creating their unique identity and having fun in the process. The show aims to give an opportunity for great success for artists everywhere through exposure, hard work and passion. TAHS 3-2-1 wants to see what you got, so send us your videos and follow us on social media!

    Our aim is to find those artists through shows at various locations in various cities in both the church and club setting. Talent is everywhere and even in our culture, we’ve seen some talents that weren’t so great, but they had a great team in backing them up… Sometimes just takes being in the right place at the right time. Our goal is to create the right them as well as the right place through exposure and ultimately connections here at The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1. TAHS 3-2-1 will be traveling on the road looking for talent and creating shows. At the end of each show series, the artist from both church and club will be chosen to get a full production project produced by TAHS 3-2-1 production staff with full publicity. For each final show, there will be a national artist to close out the show with a finale for the season.

    We are not aiming to be a competition show, but looking for TRUE talent/gifts. Everyone will have their time to shine. There is a lot of time, money, passion and effort that goes into creating this television show, so we want the best to make the best! Artists need to already be somewhat established on platforms such as social media with an audience/ and or websites and have something that TAHS 3-2-1 can make bigger and better. This is TAHS 3-2-1 and we want to highlight nothing but YOU the ARTIST.


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