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    Joel Britton and The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1


    Musician extraordinaire, composer, arranger, TV host, and CEO Joel (Joey) Britton has proven to be one to watch making a positive impact on the gospel community.

    Born in Detroit, Michigan on August 11, 1965, Joel was destined to be used by God in the ministry of music.  This gift was recognized by his grandfather Bishop Alexander Jones at the very tender age of three.  He noticed how music radiated out of Joel’s soul, through his hands and onto the piano for the world to hear.  This awesome gift has made room for Joel and has allowed him to work, collaborate, and grace the stage with some of the gospel greats and royalty.

    Joel, who is part of a musical dynasty has written and arranged many songs for various artists.  Much of Britton’s work is done in support of the Music Ministry which has produced a number of excellent CDs under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr.  Joel has served as the Minister of Music for:

    Bishop Alexander Jones, Jones Temple COGIC, (Hamtramck, MI) 

    Bishop Dennis Leonard, Heritage Christian Center, (Denver, CO), 

    Bishop Lester Love, City of Love, (New Orleans, LA), 

    Bishop Paul Morton, Greater St. Stephens FGBC, (New Orleans, LA), 

    Reverend Charles Adams, Hartford Memorial Church, Detroit, MI, 

    Reverend Julius Hope, New Grace Church, (Highland Park, MI),

    Reverend Dewey Smith, The House of Hope, (Atlanta, GA),

    Reverend Shannon Warner, True Light Baptist Church, (Denver, CO).

    Joel’s musical brilliance has taken him on the stage with the likes of Blackstreet, gospel greats Yolanda Adams, Vanessa Belle Armstrong, the voice Whitney Houston, singing sensation Pattie Labelle, Bishop Lester Love, and Pastor Dewey E. Smith.  Joel played in the band of Mattie Moss Clark UNAC album recorded in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    Joel has dedicated years using his gifts in collaboration on major projects such as BET’s Celebration of Gospel and Sunday Best.  He has also enjoyed playing as an honorable musician at Carnegie Hall and traveling the world.  But out of all of his accomplishments, Joel is most grateful for the privilege to be an incredible father to his four beautiful daughters.

    Joel believes that we are blessed to be a blessing. With this as his driving principle, Joel has created The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 to serve as a vehicle to open endless doors for artists of all gospel genres all over the world.

    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1

    The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1 is an avenue for upcoming artists to have an international stage to present their gifts/talents to the world while at the same time creating their unique identity and having fun in the process. The show aims to give an opportunity for great success for artists everywhere through exposure, hard work and passion.

    Our aim is to find those artists through shows in various cities and at various venues – church and entertainment setting. Talent is everywhere and even in our culture, we’ve seen some talents that weren’t so great, but they had a great team in backing them up… Sometimes it just takes being in the right place at the right time. Our goal is to create the right them as well as the right place through exposure and ultimately connections here at The Artist Hotspot 3-2-1.

    TAHS 3-2-1 will be traveling on the road looking for talent and creating shows. At the end of each show series, we will select an artist to work who will receive get a full production project produced by TAHS 3-2-1 production staff with full publicity. For each final show, there will be a national artist to close out the show with a finale for the season.

    We are not aiming to be a competition show, but looking for TRUE talent/gifts. Everyone will have their time to shine. There is a lot of time, money, passion and effort that goes into creating this television show, so we want the best to make the best! Artists need to already be established on platforms such as social media with an audience and or a website…have something that TAHS 3-2-1 can make bigger and better. This is TAHS 3-2-1 and we want to highlight nothing but YOU the ARTIST.

    TAHS 3-2-1 wants to see what you’ve got, so click here to Submit Your Art! Make sure you Follow Us on Social Media!

    Looking for a gig? Click here to find out more about our Classified Ad for TAHS 3-2-1 members.


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